Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Custom Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers in Red Deer

Northland Radiator sells, installs, and services oil coolers and heat exchangers for all automotive and industrial customers in Red Deer and surrounding areas. Whether the piece in question demands a quick fix or a complete overhaul, our expert staff of professionals is well-versed in solutions to help maintain your productivity and efficiency. When it comes to cooling down engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil or exhaust gas, you can always depend on our team for all types of solutions. We ensure that the heat exchanger provides the required amount of thermal energy needed for either heating or cooling a fluid stream. We offer services for maintaining, cleaning and repairing tube & shell bundle coolers for many customers in Red Deer and its surrounding areas. We service all makes and models of heat exchangers and oil coolers. Contact us today to request a quote.

Sales of Tube and Shell Oil Coolers

Tube and shell oil coolers are an ideal cooling solution for a variety of applications due to the simplicity of design. Northland Radiator offers tube and shell oil coolers for engine cooling water and lubricating oil cooling for a wide range of equipment like boilers, condensers, distilling plants, and ventilation cooling coils.

Maintenance of Removable and Non-removable Bundle Coolers

Northland Radiator offers its services for both removable and non-removable types of bundle coolers. Our well-trained technicians ensure that the bundle coolers in your equipment are well-maintained so that the efficiency of the equipment remains intact while keeping you secure from extra costs due to over-heating equipment and downtime.

Cleaning and Testing of Intercoolers

Intercoolers are usually used in various types of equipment like air compressors, air conditioners, refrigeration, and gas turbines, as well as automotive engines. The main purpose of an intercooler is to cool a gas following compression. Removing the heat of compression, intercoolers have a major role in the efficiency of any equipment. Thus, timely diagnosis and cleaning of intercoolers are necessary. Northland Radiator is a name you can rely on for testing and maintaining the intercoolers of your equipment in and around Red Deer.

Repairs for L&m Coolers and Copper Core Coolers

Northland Radiator in Red Deer can be trusted with diagnosing as well as solving any issues with L&M and Copper Core coolers. It is important that problems with the coolers are diagnosed and solved in a timely and efficient manner so that the costs of breakdown and downtime do not balloon out of proportion. Our staff of expert technicians will ensure that any issues are solved so as to maintain the efficiency of your equipment.

Repairs to Aluminum Oil Coolers

At Northland Radiator, our technicians are well-trained and experienced in the tasks of diagnosing as well as repairing any problems in the systematic and efficient working of aluminum oil coolers. Timely testing for repairs ensures that your equipment functions at its highest levels of efficiency.

New Cores for Air-to-oil Coolers

Ideal for various cooling applications in hydraulic and inject moulding machines, air-to-oil coolers rely largely on their cores for well-maintained functioning. Northland Radiator also supplies new cores for air-to-oil coolers in order to keep your industrial equipment up and running, without any setbacks to your industrial operations.

Repairs To Aluminum Tube Coolers, Aluminum Heat Exchangers And Copper Tube Coils

Northland Radiator in Red Deer also provides repair services for aluminum tube coolers, aluminum heat exchangers and copper tube coils. After proper diagnosis of a problem, our expert technicians suggest the best possible cost-effective repair solutions in order to maintain the efficiency of your industrial equipment for maximum returns on your operations.

Custom-design Work For Heat Exchangers

Apart from the expansive range of services and sale of heat exchangers and oil coolers, Northland Radiator also offers custom design services for heat exchangers tailor-made for your needs and requirements. We believe that no one knows your equipment and industry as well as you do. Our custom design services for heat exchangers will assist you with heat exchangers which are made for you. Your needs and requirements combined with the training and experience of our technicians will help us deliver heat exchangers meant just for you and for maximum benefits to your equipment as well as your industry in the long run. For more information on our oil cooler and heat exchanger services, just give us a call.