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Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Custom Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers in Red Deer

Today’s automotive and industrial cooling systems use a wide variety of oil coolers and heat exchangers to cool engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and exhaust gas. Here at Northland Radiator,  we are able to clean, service, repair and even supply new units for many applications. To avoid costly downtime, turn to the experts at Northland Radiator, we can help you with the following services.

Our Services Include

  • Providing a wide variety of tube and shell oil coolers
  • Cleaning and repairing non-removable bundle coolers
  • Cleaning and repairing removable bundle coolers
  • Cleaning and testing intercoolers
  • Repairing L&M radiator coolers
  • Repairing Copper-Core coolers
  • Repairing bar- and plate-aluminum oil coolers
  • Offering new cores for most air-to-oil coolers
  • Repairing, servicing, and cleaning most heat exchangers
  • Repairing aluminum fins and copper tube coils
  • Designing custom-built heat exchangers
  • Repairing all aluminum heat exchangers

For more information on our oil cooler and heat exchanger services, just give us a call.

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