Air Conditioning

Affordable Air Conditioning Services in Fort McMurray & Area

When the summer weather hits, it becomes even more crucial to have a reliable and working air conditioning system. If you require dependable air conditioning repair in Fort McMurray & area, turn to the experienced technicians at Northland Radiator Ltd. We have the products and installation expertise to repair your air conditioning system and get you cooling down on the hottest days. We carry parts in stock for all types of vehicle’s and can discuss the benefits of each.

We specialize in all of the following:

  • Air Conditioning Condensers

  • R-134a and R-1234yf Freon systems

  • Retrofits for R-12 Freon systems

  • Parts and service for Agricultural applications

  • Servicing for Hi-Way Tractors

  • Repairs and replacements for A/C hoses

  • Maintenance and repairs for motorhomes, RV’s and more

Why Choose Us?

Northland Radiator Ltd. has been offering reliable industrial and automotive cooling system services for over 43 years. We serve various industries including mining, construction, oil and gas. Our technicians ensure that all your air conditioning systems function smoothly. Whether your existing system needs servicing/recharging or new parts, we have got you covered. We stock trusted brand products and replacement parts that are reliable. At Northland Radiator Ltd., we offer:

  • Same day repair and service

  • Free delivery and pick-up to and from your home or office

  • Guaranteed warranties

Call Us Today!

Avoid uncomfortable days and lackluster performance from you’re air conditioning unit. Count on our technicians to meet your cooling needs and troubleshoot existing problems. At Northland Radiator Ltd., we also sell and install oil coolers and heat exchangers. Please browse through our gallery to learn more about our work.

Contact us today for air conditioning services in McMurray & area.